Custom Paddles

Turning Wooden Oars and Paddles Into Perfect Mementos

Custom Paddles

Turning Wooden Oars and Paddles Into Perfect Mementos


Beautifully Hand Crafted Oars and Paddles You Can Personalize

We hand wrap the 550 paracord, laser engrave all logo's text and insignia with our 45w laser engraver. All devices and military ribbons are set in place by our owner. Find lasting gifts you can give to colleagues, loved ones, or that special someone. We are a veteran-owned company that has been designing and crafting wooden oars and paddles for more than six years.

Our Mission

To provide customers with specialized paddles and oars they can offer to recipients as tokens of gratitude and appreciation.

A Unique Way to Say Thank You

Turn wooden oars and paddles into personalized presents and special mementos that represent how much you appreciate someone. Learn more about your options for customized items.

Shipping Information

Place your orders now. Our custom-made oars and paddles can be shipped globally within 14 days.

Add a Personal Twist to Your Gifts

Swap amazing concept ideas or themes with us. We can come up with the designs and make the oars or paddles the way you like them. You can also ask us to style these amazing pieces for celebratory themes or occasions. Contact us now.